Truck Accident Lawyer

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Truck Accident Lawyer

I became a truck accident attorney as a way to help improve the safety on our roads. While a key aspect of my work in my role as a truck accident trial lawyer is to pursue justice on behalf of those wrongly injured or harmed by truck drivers and trucking companies, there is much more to my work than just representing victims of truck accidents. Unsafe trucks pose great dangers. Trucking accidents can be some of the most tragic and devastating collisions and constitute a national safety crisis for everyone who has to share the road with these giant machines. All too often trucks do not just deliver goods but rather cause damage, death, and disaster. truck accident lawyers

You may be surprised to learn just how often traffic accidents involving large trucks occur. According to the national highway traffic safety administration, 380,000 large trucks (each weighing at least 10,000 pounds) were involved in traffic crashes in the United States in one year alone. Of those accidents, 4,066 resulted in death. Although many new technologies are available to help prevent such truck accidents, some truck manufacturers and trucking companies choose to ignore them. Aiming to deliver their loads as quickly and inexpensively as possible, these companies place a greater emphasis on profit than on the safety of their staff, customers, and the general public.

Although the extremely important and dangerous safety issues involving the operation of the semi-tractor and trailer are well known, they are not always respected and mitigated. The federal motor carrier safety administration (FMCSA) regulations regarding fatigue, driving over the regulated hours of service, and substance abuse are routinely, repeatedly, and intentionally violated. Overall, 11 percent of all traffic fatalities involve accidents with large trucks. The most common causes for these truck crashes were found to be driver fatigue and substance abuse both of which the FMCSA specifically prohibits. commercial truck accident lawyers

Partnering with truck accident lawyers to improve safety in recent years, I have become involved with a number of highly respected organizations and efforts to improve the safety of the trucking industry and of our roads and highways. Committed to making the roads a safer place, our firm has put resources and energy into these organizations and efforts. Through active membership and participation in organizations dedicated to justice and safety, I am fighting for a significant reduction in the number of trucking accidents, injuries, and deaths caused by unsafe trucking companies and drivers. I sit on the interstate trucking litigation group of the American Association for Justice. I am also an active member of the association of plaintiff interstate trucking lawyers of America, (APITLA), a national association of lawyers who have joined together to help eliminate unsafe and illegal interstate trucking practices. It is very much a group effort and there is much work to be done, but I am deeply committed to doing my part. Our law firm launched the trucking accident lawyers blog with the aim of playing a more active role in raising awareness about the dangers of unsafe truck drivers and unsafe trucking companies. We have written about the causes of truck accidents and have highlighted the prevalence of safety violations by an alarming number of trucking companies across America, as well as detailing many other trucking violations to raise awareness of this prevalent problem. I have made a concerted effort to regularly publish important and relevant content as a means of spotlighting the dangers of these negligently operated, managed, maintained trucks that share our roadways with innocent victims. It is my hope that our increased attention on these unsafe trucking companies and unsafe drivers will contribute to a reduction in truck accidents and will protect those that are victims of these tragic accidents.

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