Personal Injury Law – Vehicle Accidents – Drunk Drivers

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Personal Injury Law – Vehicle Accidents – Drunk Drivers

Did a Drunk Driver Injure Your Child in a Vehicle Accident?

If a drunk driver hit your child’s car as he and his date were leaving a high school football game on a Friday night, not only is the intoxicated driver liable, but the bar or restaurant that created the drunk driver will also end up being a defendant in the civil action on behalf of your child as well as his date. However, that claim will be initially filed by the date’s parents, even if the trial will cover the injuries to both youngsters. More about our Car Accident Lawyer in San Antonio here

The Texas Dram Shop Act is a set of laws designed to hold sellers of alcoholic beverages responsible for the accidents caused by their patrons and stop selling alcohol to people who appear to be intoxicated. Recent research has shown that well over 95 percent of all DUI-related accidents in Texas happen when a bar or restaurant continues to serve intoxicated customers, who then get in their cars and cause an accident. But the nature of bars and restaurants that serve alcohol can still sometimes work at cross-purposes with the Dram Shop Laws. This is because these establishments make a very large portion of their profits from the alcohol they serve to their customers. More on this website

So even though, over the past few years, DUI-related accidents have been on the decline, too many of them still occur. Sometimes when you’re a bar or alcohol-serving restaurant, it’s difficult to do the right and legal thing when that proper action appears to work against your best (and profitable) interests. If a drunk customer leaves a bar, even if he doesn’t intend to drive, that person is breaking the law, as is the bar that served him. When this happens, the bar AND the customer can be legally viewed as equally negligent. Each is responsible for contributing to the intoxicated patron’s condition. Each can be held legally liable for any damages, injuries, or deaths arising from their “conspiracy” that caused this intoxicated customer’s tragic actions.

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